The Firefighters Get an Unexpected Feline Visitor On a Cold Snowy Day and Asks to Be Let In

Firemen at Steinbach Local group of fire-fighters in Steinbach, Manitoba (Canada) were astounded to see a little catlike guest looking through a glass window on a freezing cold night.

“I was walking and noticed her at the window. A member of the department went outside and she came right to them,” Fire Chief Kelvin told the team.

The little cat was homeless, conquering the severe chilly days on the streets, they did not have the heart to leave her outside so they let her in. The kitty rapidly made herself comfortable. She was dirty and hungry however so appreciative to be protected and warm. The calico gave her human companions love and right away won their hearts.

They affectionately named her Ember and took her to the vet the following day. Other than some frostbite on the tips of her ears, the little cat was fit as a fiddle.

“Steinbach does not have a full time local group of fire-fighters so the station isn’t persistently staffed,” they said. “Tragically the station can go days without somebody being there.”

The firemen willingly volunteered to locate a cherishing home that fits the need of the adorable cat.

“We posted on Facebook that she was available for adoption, and it looks like we may have found her a loving home,” Toews shared with us.

Nobody knows how she wound up outside the station, however, she doubtlessly found the perfect place to get help.