Stray Cat Asks a Stranger For Help to Save Her Tiny Kittens

A week ago, a member of the community found an adorable feline family consisting of four kittens and their momma cat stranded on the side of the road. Local animal rescuers were immediately contacted to deliver the family to a safe place.

The momma cat was extremely thin but very friendly. At the point when help arrived, she strolled straight up to the rescuer and led her to her cats. The little ones all had eye contamination and needed medicinal consideration.

CatRescue 901, an animal foster home in Terrey Hills, was reached about the circumstance. “We want to get this family off the street and get them the urgent medical attention they need,” Jenny, founder of CatRescue 901, shared with

The cats were altogether brought into the world with an innate condition called eyelid agenesis. “That means they do not have eyelids. The little white tortie has one eye affected, and the other two would appear to be bilateral, The babies would have likely gone blind eventually with no treatment.” Jenny said.

As there wasn’t any home available to offer shelter to the kittens, foster volunteer Natalie took it upon herself to foster the kitties at her own house to provide the best for them.

The feline siblings will need corrective surgery to prevent blindness and to ensure that they live a pain-free and healthy life.

“They landed in the right place. We specialize in eyes issues and great care, and this family needs that big time,” Jenny said. “Not many could cope with eye agenesis surgery because it’s too expensive.”

Natalie is working nonstop to help nurture the kitties back to well being.

There will be a lot of restless nights and incalculable vet trips, however, she has one objective at the top of the priority list – that is to recover this lovely family to wellbeing and an extraordinary future they so deserve.

The group of four is adoring their new indoor life. Mom Elodie is glad and at peace, realizing that her little kittens are in great hands