Kind Humans Finds a Kitty Freezing To Death In The Park And Do Everything In Their Power To Save Her Life

The 6-week-old little cat named Rebecca arrived at Hammond Creature Trust – Canning Town Vet Facility in London (Britain) after she was rescued on Christmas Day from Beckton Park.

“It wasn’t till a few hours later that it became clear there was a problem,” Celia Hammond Animal Trust wrote on Facebook.In spite of an exhaustive search of the area, they couldn’t discover a mother feline or some other little cats. The dark-striped cat young lady was cold to the touch and practically inert when she went to the vet. Staff gradually warmed her up and bottle-fed her. Sometime later, she at long last begun moving.

“She is so tiny and it is a high-risk procedure, but without it, she has no chance,” the rescue said.

“Rebecca has a condition called pectus excavatum – a congenital deformity of the sternum and in simplistic terms, the sternum is compressed and doesn’t provide enough space for the lungs to inflate, causing increasing difficulty in breathing.”

It is an uncommon and basic condition, which requires a life-saving surgical procedure. Everybody at the vet was prepared to do whatever they could to bring her back to a whole full life.

After two days, Rebecca went through the operation. She was a warrior all through the medical procedure – at a certain point, she quit breathing and needed to get help to breathe.

The courageous little kitty indicated mind boggling strength and resolve. She was standing her ground and eating like a champ.

“The surgery was undertaken to pull her sternum into the correct position to enable her to breathe – a huge procedure for a tiny six-week-old kitten. We’re so happy to see her standing for the first time since the surgery,” the rescue wrote in an update.

Throughout the following few days, her breathing improved so much that she was off oxygen more often than not, and she moved into her own one of a kind kitty suite.

Rebecca has the core of a tiger. While she should be kept under surveillance and wear her prop for one more week to ensure her sternum stays in the right spot, she is getting more grounded each day and her internal devilishness is turning out.

“We are confident that Rebecca is going to be fine. She has so many people rooting for her and sending love and healing wishes.”