Elli the Cat Was a Tuxedo Throughout Her Kitten-Hood, But Things Began to Change a Year After She Was Born

Nicole from Germany discovered Elli and her sister at a neighboring ranch when they were four-month-old little cats. They needed immediate medical attention because of the shape they were in. “They were in a desolate condition with mites and infections in their ears. It hurt me to see them suffer, so I took both homes,” Nicole told us.

Elli when she was a kitty.

From the beginning, Elli was amazingly friendly and cuddly. “She was fun loving and at times acted more like a puppy than a feline,” Nicole said.

After nine months, Nicole started to see something happening when she discovered a little white new marking on Elli’s dark coat.

“It wasn’t there at the beginning. I thought it was lint and tried to remove it, but it turned out to be her fur,” Nicole recalled. Throughout the following couple of months, white patches kept forming all over her tuxedo coat.

in order to find out about the cause of this peculiarity, Nicole took her to the vet to get a diagnostic answer. She was amazed to discover that Elli has an uncommon condition called vitiligo — where patches of her fur lose their color.

Vitiligo influences about 1% of the total populace in people, however, the condition is even more uncommon in animals – felines, dogs and even horses can develop vitiligo. This condition is not all dangerous to Elli’s health but all the more adds beauty and aesthetics to her personality.

Elli has a loud and bright attitude towards life. One of her favorite activities is to roost over a window or entryway and observe her people from above.

Elli is turning three this March. She is healthy, merry and as cuddly as ever. Elli experienced her first year as a delightful tuxedo little cat, and she’s truly changed since. “She is so adorable and her fur keeps on changing each day,” Nicole revealed to us.