With Utmost Love and Care, This Kind lady Turned the Life Around of this Sick Kitty in Just Seven Days

With Utmost Love and Care, This Kind lady Turned the Life Around of this Sick Kitty in Just Seven Days

Jodie Michele, a makeup artist from Huddersfield, UK, woke up promptly in the morning to a cat's cries. She strolled outside and saw a tabby cat in her patio nursery, yowling for help.

"Her eyes were sealed shut due to infection and she had a bloody scab covering her nose," Jodie told Feline Daily.

When the little cat heard Jodie, she cried significantly louder and strolled straight toward her as though she was looking for solace. When she felt her touch, she quieted down and even let out a little murmur.

"She was so little and cold, so I scooped her up and took her inside."

Realizing that the little cat required help, Jodie took her to work with her and kept her warm throughout the morning. At noon, she conveyed the little cat to a veterinary center to get her looked at. The dark-striped cat weighed only 340 grams and the results weren't good.

"The vet gave her a 50/50 chance of survival. They said, she was around five weeks but had severe cat flu and that we should put her to sleep, but I couldn't do it," Jodie told Feline Daily.

Jodie could see the battle in the little cat as she held her in her arms. She left the facility with the kitty in her grasp and a guarantee to turn her life around. Throughout the following week, she pursued a 2-hour feeding plan and gave the little cat medicine and eye drops to keep her eyes clean.

The cat, who could scarcely inhale without wheezing, bounced back and multiplied her weight a week later. Her eyes had totally cleared up and her vitality level was off the outlines.

"After lots of warmth, food, antibiotics, eye drops, regular eye soaks, sleepless nights but most importantly love and cuddles, we have a happy, bouncy and healthy girl," Jodie said.

The sweet kitty has made a full recuperation. She's uncontrollable, perky and has a remarkable cattitude. Jodie has discovered her an ideal home with catlike kin to nestle with. The two have turned out to be indistinguishable companions.

"I'm so happy I had the capacity to help her on her way," Jodie said

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