This Lovely Pair of Cats Bring Their Beautiful Kittens into the World on Valentine’s Day and You Can Witness It Too

This Lovely Pair of Cats Bring Their Beautiful Kittens into the World on Valentine’s Day and You Can Witness It Too

Robyn Anderson, a foster volunteer of Forgotten Felines of Huntsville (in Capshaw), was contacted in regards to adopt the bonded male-female pair.

“Due to a job loss, their owner had to relocate to another state and couldn’t take them with her. They came to me in mid-January. We know that Charles is the kittens’ father because they were the only two cats in the house,” Robyn told the team.

The pair is attached to the hip. “Despite the fact that she’s practically half his size, there’s no doubt who’s got the upper paw in this relationship. He hangs back and lets her eat first, backs off when she tells him to and lets her tell him when it’s time to play,” Robyn said.
“I’ve never had a father be present when I had a pregnant foster cat before, so it’s been a wonderful experience so far.”

The two are very lovey-dovey and closely bonded. Charles is delicate and sweet with Caroline. He never starts eating without her, keeps check of her throughout the day

Caroline grooms him every day and won’t take a nap without cuddling him

Caroline’s belly has gotten considerably large in the course of recent weeks that Robyn started to foresee the birth of the kittens this week. The day preceding Valentine’s Day, Robyn woke up to yowling originating from the encourage room. “I woke yesterday morning to the sound of Charles demanding that I open the foster room door and let him out,” Robyn said.

She entered the room with their morning meal and saw the pair hanging tight for her at the entryway. Caroline went into the crate they prepared and started having contractions. “She was clearly in labor, and so I sat and talked to and petted her for several minutes,” Robyn said. “Charles had ventured near the crate while she was having contractions.”

Charles remained outside and continued sticking his head in to sniff her.
They welcomed five healthy tabbies into the world.

With five little cats, Mother Caroline has a challenging situation to deal with. Realizing Caroline has her paws full, Charles is giving her space while making himself accessible at whatever point she needs his help.

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