This Little Kitty Discovered Dozing In The Harsh Elements of Streets, Presently Has a Warm Home

This Little Kitty Discovered Dozing In The Harsh Elements of Streets, Presently Has a Warm Home

A tiny kitten was rescued from a pile of garbage by a kind human. The weather was super chilly, 45 degrees (7°C) outside when the bystander found the little cat in an area of Jersey City (New Jersey). The kitty was alone with no mother in sight, endeavoring to remain warm with only an old cloth. 


A little cat his age wouldn't almost certainly endure the severe winter without anyone else, so the bystander asked the Facebook local community for help. Athina, an animal rescuer who lives adjacent, promptly offered to take him.  

"I asked if they could snatch the kitten. She promptly responded and got a carrier. I was five blocks away, getting KMR. I wasn't sure how he would be," Athina told Feline Daily. 

The little cat was starving when he was brought in, wolfing down a dish of food when it was served. After a big whole full dinner, they gave him some opportunity to recover and get settled before giving him a shower.  

Athina put him down on a warm cover, and the little cat murmured in a split second and began moving around, asking for cuddles. "We thought he would need socializing (since he was hissing earlier) but then he started rolling over for love and pets," she said. 



They were able to wash off most of the dirt and grease with a warm bath. 

"He might have been hanging out in an engine for a little while for warmth," Athina told Love Meow. "For that reason, we decided to name him Bert, like the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins." 


Presently Bert has been treated for insects and ear vermin and is additionally on deworming prescription to handle his belly issues.  

The little lovebug no longer needs to fight and strive for food and warmth. He's settled in accordance with his VIP life and gotten used to snuggling with his foster father.  


Life is great at this point! 

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