These Kittens Rescued From a Shed Develops Completely New Markings as They Develop Day by Day

These Kittens Rescued From a Shed Develops Completely New Markings as They Develop Day by Day

A mortgage holder from Virginia was astounded to locate a litter of kitties when she opened her shed.

The kitties were all wearing an unusual colored coat. They were transported to a shelter where staff saw their novel shading called "fever coat."

Fever coat happens in little cats when a pregnant feline is sick with a high fever or is under serious anxiety amid pregnancy. This causes the cat's fur colors to turn silver dark. The kitties were all healthy and looked after by their feline mother. Animal control officers came back to the property and set up a humane trap, planning to rejoin the feline mother with her little cats.

They got the mother within a day and she seemed, by all accounts, feral and have some upper respiratory issues. Debbie, a foster volunteer, offered to support them.

"The coloring on their ears, tail, and feet are darker because the temperature on these extremities is cooler. Their fur will eventually turn to a solid black or charcoal gray," Debbie said.

"This is my first fever coat litter in 14 years of fostering. There are two males and two females."

The kitties decided to come out of their den to explore after one of them made her first steps. They looked almost identical at the time, but over the next several weeks, their coloring would change completely.
As days passed by, the little cats turned out to be dynamic and became attached with their foster mother. They came running to welcome her when they heard her come into the room.

They were named after a fox topic: foxy (mother), Swifty (swift Fox), Artie (Arctic Fox), kit (kit Fox), and Fenn (Fennec Fox). 

Their shading was at that point turning darker, some more than others, in the first week. "They're always up for anything and are happy silly kittens. I'm happy to report that all of them have been pre-adopted," Debbie said.

"Foxy momma was spayed and vaccinated. She has reunited with her companion, which is a solid black cat. They have access to the hay shed, and the property owner is now caring for them."

"Fenn is the most adventurous and is a big purr bucket. Artie is the largest of the kittens. He loves to play this game where he climbs up and down my lap. Kit is the runt and has an adorable round face and big googly eyes. Swifty has a sleek shiny coat and looks a lot like a Bombay cat."

In only half a month, these cute catkins have transformed into ravishing little jaguar kitties.

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