The Sweetest Stray Cat Finds Love After Years of Living on the Streets

The Sweetest Stray Cat Finds Love After Years of Living on the Streets

An exceptionally shy feline who had carried on with a harsh life as a stray, appeared amid a TNR (trap-fix return) venture as he was very hungry.

Mr. Cheeks, a senior feline, meandered into a humane trap set in a feline settlement in McLean, Virginia prior this month. Rescuers from alley cat rescue had never observed him at the site. "He was a surprise colony trap. The smell of sardines, tuna in oil, or whatever you're using will bring out the shy ones," the rescue said.

After he landed at the salvage, they found his sweet disposition. In spite of being modest, he couldn't avoid cheek scratches and pets and would nestle in for more.

"Plush is the perfect word to describe Mr. Cheeks', well, cheeks! He loves to have them rubbed and scratched," the rescue added. "Once he gets going, will dip his forehead down to make sure his whole mushable head gets the attention it deserves."

"We talk about how TNR helps cats, but at the same time it's an opportunity to discover felines like Mr. Cheeks, who truly shouldn't be outside," Alley Cat Rescue said. "He would have been suffering out there this winter with his bad and worsening teeth."

Realizing that Mr. Cheeks would improve in a home situation, they started chipping away at getting him into a foster home. Recently, the sweet ginger kid moved into his encourage home. He quickly livened up, stood up tall and even began to investigate around.

"It feels great to be out catching and discovering a sweet boy like Mr. Cheeks who can be brought in out of the elements. And think of how happy his eventual adopter will be to have him."

The warm dark-striped feline murmurs up a tempest at whatever point somebody invests time with him. "At the present time he's getting loads of adoration and individual attention and readjusting to extravagant indoor living," the salvage said.

"Mr. Cheeks is searching for a family to give him love and help him become the confident feline he is within. He simply needs a little help learning he's protected and secure.

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