Love and Cuddles Saved This Kitty When Nothing Else Worked

Love and Cuddles Saved This Kitty When Nothing Else Worked

Nobody knew whether he would endure the night, yet a lady was resolved to save him and give him a new chance at life.

Noah’s Ark rescue project and sanctuary (NARPS Felines) took him in for further analysis and treatments as he was in a critically dehydrated condition.

Quincy was around about a month old when he was acquired to the city shelter in Philadelphia. The small wad of fluff was simply skin and bones, urgently requiring saving.

“It was so sad and I didn’t think he’d make it till morning. I stayed up with him all night. I’d hold him, but he didn’t react,” Shauna told Feline Daily.

Shauna, a volunteer of NARPS Cats, gave him liquids promptly however he kept on declining healthwise – Quincy was lying on his side, breathing quickly and wheezing for air every minute.

The next morning, she was happily ecstatic to find the little cat was all the while breathing and very much alive.”I rushed him into an emergency vet to see if anything more could be done,” Shauna said.

She left with a bag full of medications and a poor prognosis. Six hours later, the kitten was sitting up for the first time with his new-found strength.

“I got some food and a syringe and started feeding him, and he was swallowing. Six hours after that, when I fed him again, he started lapping up the food from a bowl.”

“Seeing a little cat return like that is really similar to seeing a marvel,” Shauna said.

When he was finished eating, Shauna snuggled with him, keeping him warm and cozy, trusting that the love he was receiving, would give him a reason to continue battling.

Following five days of eager exertion, Quincy truly came round. He had the capacity to eat and drink water freely and even began meowing and playing with toys. In about fourteen days, the cat picked up a noteworthy 1/2 pound and tripled his vitality. Quincy may have utilized a few of his nine lives, yet he pulled through and returned as a snuggle bug.

“He’d start to purr as soon as I’d walk up to his pen. When I’d say his name, he’d start furiously kneading the ground and purring loudly until I picked him up,” Shauna shared with Feline Daily.

Quiny after a month of being rescued.

“He became a little ball of playful energy, and he would always want to cuddle when he was worn out from playing.”

In the event that his foster mother wasn’t quickly accessible, he would cuddle up to his canine companion, Jayne, so he could never be separated from anyone.

Quincy subsided into his new home and quickly ended up cuddling in their arms.

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