Feline Who Spent His Entire life In the City Streets, Expresses To Rescuer That He Is Yearning For a Warm Forever Home

Feline Who Spent His Entire life In the City Streets, Expresses To Rescuer That He Is Yearning For a Warm Forever Home
Ashley, a TNR (trap-fix return) rescuer/encourage from Washington, took in a wild feline who was caught in the city of Everett. He had a serious upper respiratory disease (URI) and was totally scared because of the absence of human contact.

Regardless of having carried on living on the streets for his entire life as a non-domesticated feral cat (roughly 6 - 8 years), Ashley had an inclination that he would let her touch him. "The Community Cat Coalition helped me get medication for his URI and while it was slow to go away, it did," Ashely told Catstore.co

She named him Stud Muffin. He murmured when Ashley drew nearer with his dinners when he understood she intended no damage, he would watch her from inside his security feline cat tree apartment suite.

"I went out on a limb and put my hand towards him. He let me rub his head and even let me rub eye meds in his eyes," Ashley said. Half a month later, Stud Muffin made a full recuperation and was neutered. "He fathered a ton of little cats yet it's fortunate that the cycle finished here."

The kitty was still shy, concealing more often than not from individuals. "I let him decide if he wanted to return to where I found him. I walked away and left the crate open, but he just hunkered further back," she added.

"He didn't want to go back out, so I closed the crate and we drove home. Stud Muffin has decided he doesn't want to be a feral kitty anymore," Ashley said.
"His stomach is still adjusting to regular food so he's spoiled and getting chicken and rice in every meal."

Now the kitty runs their garage and has a little hut to hide if he wants to."He gets to run around the whole garage so can get on the windowsill and watch the outdoors. He also runs around with the kittens that we trapped in the same area," Ashely said.

They realize it will require investment for him to leave his shell completely, yet with persistence and love, they are sure that he will.

"I'm so happy to say I have someone coming next week who is interested in fostering and possibly adopting him, and another person offered to cover his adoption fee," Ashely added.

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