Feline Found Almost Blind, Gives Everybody Cuddles and Gets Help to See Once more

Feline Found Almost Blind, Gives Everybody Cuddles and Gets Help to See Once more
Bernie was acquired to a shelter a half year back. The kitty was extremely loving and his sweet and calm nature made everybody at the safe house love her. Staff connected with Saving Grace Rescue (in San Francisco) and inquired as to whether they could support him. The rescue took him in with great affection.

The tuxedo feline was brought into the world with eyelid agenesis, which implies he is feeling the loss of his upper eyelids. He likewise had a serious limp and an enlarged heart.

"In any case, Bernie couldn't care less. He is thankful to be cherished," Saving Grace Rescue said.

Josh Norem (The Furrtographer) took him in to encourage. Immediately, he saw his sweet demeanor and a propensity for giving everybody cuddles.

Throughout the following two months, Bernie needed to experience three eye medical procedures, which would enable him to open his eyes and carry on with a pain-free life.

After his first medical procedure, Bernie went directly back to cuddling with his foster Father. "All through the majority of this he had been unbelievably sweet, and was so loving," Josh said.

The second medical procedure opened up his field of vision and uncovered his lovely unique hued eyes. "The pain in his eyes had been eased by the medical procedure. He was more playful than ever," the rescue included.

With heaps of affection and great nourishment, Bernie's leg was likewise recuperating pleasantly.

"We don't know how his leg was harmed but rather it healed at an awkward angle. His leg improved extraordinarily with stretching and movement. Felines are astounding," Golden Rose, the founder of Saving Grace Rescue said.

After the last medical procedure for his eyes, the tuxedo kid felt like a brand new kitty. He would invest more energy playing, going around and giving everybody love and nestles.

Bernie will always have limited vision, but nothing can stop him from being a snuggle-bug.

A family with two special needs felines met Bernie and became hopelessly enamored. Following a month of recuperation, the kitty moved into his eternity home.

He gives everybody at home Bernie's snuggles.

"He's gone from living in the city to an adoring home with two different felines and a family that cherishes him beyond all doubt," Josh said.

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