Couple Buys a New Home and Is Delighted to Find a Cute Inhabitant Comes with the House Deal

Couple Buys a New Home and Is Delighted to Find a Cute Inhabitant Comes with the House Deal

A couple purchased a home three months back and discovered a timid shy kitten on the porch peeking at them shyly
Turned out, the feline had lived there practically for her entire life. After Jane Pearson and her significant other decided to buy the house, they returned for the final assessment. That is the point at which they found out about the feline that came with the house.

The past mortgage holder, 89, disclosed to them that the 8-year-old feline was setting off to the county shelter however, he jokingly offered to include the cat in the house deal as well. “Sensing that he was actually serious, there was only one acceptable solution for me,” Jane told Feline Daily. “I immediately looked at my husband and said ‘She can’t go to the shelter. We have to keep her.’ My husband has a heart of gold, so of course, he agreed.”

The feline named Hidey was a little cat when she found the older man and his wife. A bond immediately developed between the elder lady and the cat. Hidey was all around adored and cared for by the spouse until she built up Alzheimer’s Disease.

“She passed away eight weeks before we bought the house. As we talked, It became apparent that she was really just the wife’s cat, and the man missed his wife so much. He was moving into a retirement home and couldn’t take the feline with him.”

“She had already lost her person; she shouldn’t have to lose her home of eight years on top of that.” Jane thought to herself.

Their other feline, Aretha, 15 years of age, did not mind the addition. For a little while, Hidey was not satisfied with offering her home to another feline. “Fortunately, the house is very long, and they settled on a sort of half-and-half split of the space during the daytime. And, oddly enough, Aretha (who likes to hide under furniture) is spending more time out and about in the home – almost like having a cat sibling has brought her out of her shell again.”

In any case, the most energized family member of all was their young girl, who has a weakness for cats like Hidey.
“We talked to her a lot about Hidey’s fears, and how much change the cat went through. We taught our daughter to always let Hidey sniff before petting her, and they are slowly becoming friends,” Jane said.

“(A few weeks ago,) Hidey played with us for the first time. I took that as a sign that she’s finally feeling more comfortable and really coming out of her shell.”

The sweet dark-striped cat has developed to love her new family, and she couldn’t be more joyful to be cherished once more.


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