An Adorable Kitty With a Permanent Tilted Head Finally Finds a Human Who Loves Her

An Adorable Kitty With a Permanent Tilted Head Finally Finds a Human Who Loves Her

A little cat with a permanent head tilt was brought into the shelter with the hope that she will find a chance at a better life

They named her Tippy.

Tippy was transferred to Cat Utopia of Pendleton, Oregon after she was found amid a TNR (trap-fix return) venture. The kitty was in urgent need of medicinal consideration. Deanna from Eastern Oregon took her in as a medical foster. “She had chronic ear infections as a tiny kitten, and because she was one of a large horde, her ear infections were not properly treated,” Deanna told Feline Daily.

Tippy has an uncommon Vestibular turmoil, where she tilts her head to the side (alluded to as a vestibular tilt).

Tippy shook her head rather frequently because of uneasiness in her left ear. She was unsteady and unfit to eat. In spite of the considerable number of difficulties, she was so grateful and sweet as though she realized help had arrived.

After two days, she underwent ear surgery to have a polyp evacuated. When she was released from the medical clinic, she felt much better and murmured constantly.

“We continued to fight chronic ear infections for three more full months, traveling back and forth the nearly 3-hour round trip to the clinic. I was determined to get her as comfortable as I could,” Deanna added.

“She is very affectionate and literally hugs me. She never complains, and I don’t believe she has pity on herself,” Deanna said.

When Tippy was clear of all infections, Deanna and her family formally adopted her. “I have my own vestibular injury from a traumatic head injury. As I realized and could appreciate her injury and suffering, I knew I could never let her go.”

There are progressing difficulties as Tippy has episodes of vertigo, which cause her to enter a shaking sort of dizzy state. She’s likewise developed Horner’s Disorder, a neurological issue influencing her symptomatic nerve in her eyes.

“Tippy has her head tilt, which is her attempt at seeing the world as she believes it is,” Deanna said.

“Tippy loves to bird watch, and she loves chips of ice that might fall out of the ice maker on the fridge,” Deanna told Feline Daily. “I can’t change the neglect Tippy experienced, but I can do my best to spread the word – special needs cats are wonderful creatures, powerfully resilient, and worthy of living their best life.”

Tippy is altogether grown up and has bloomed into an upbeat and in all respects cuddly love-bug.

She adores other kitties in the house and showers them with hugs.

Tippy the little marvel kitty has discovered the family that she deserves. “She is worth allowing ourselves to risk loving her, and giving her a chance at a good, comfortable, happy life. Loving a special needs pet is like medicine for the soul,” Deanna said.

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