An Abandoned Kitty Rescued From a Parking Lot Finds a Forever Home and a Best Friend on the Way to a Better Life

An Abandoned Kitty Rescued From a Parking Lot Finds a Forever Home and a Best Friend on the Way to a Better Life

Cathy Blouin from Quebec, Canada, was at the childcare on a stormy day, a couple of months back when she caught wind of the little cat, needing rescue. “Someone revealed to me that he heard a kitty crying relentless outside however he didn’t see anything,” Cathy disclosed to Love WhimperFeline Daily.

“I followed the cries that led me between two garbage containers in my daycare’s parking. She was there, abandoned, wet, very skinny and she was crying loudly for help.”

As Cathy moved toward the cat, the little dark-striped cat quickly ran and attempted to take shelter elsewhere. Cathy pursued her and had the capacity to get her before she kept running onto the road.”I wrapped her in a baby blanket. She was sneezing and hissing the first 10 minutes but after that, she understood that I just wanted to help her.”

“She kept purring. She was so happy to have been rescued. The kids named her ‘Whippet.'”

The little cat calmed down as she was cuddled in her rescuer’s arms. Nobody came to take the kitty so Cathy took her home and made her a member of her family. They gave her food, water, and a shower. The cat immediately got used to her new family and in the long run nodded off on Cathy’s shoulder.

They have another feline named Oreo, who was very captivated by all the disturbance originating from the room.

When they met for the first time, Oreo hopped onto the bed to welcome his little companion. Whippet took to him immediately, rubbing her face all over him, pursuing him around the house.

“She probably thought he was her mother,” Cathy said. “Oreo liked her at first sight and gave her a bath from ears to tail.”

The two have been totally indistinguishable since. Oreo has shown the cat how to groom herself and utilize the litter box. He cleans her after each dinner.

Whippet needs to know everything Oreo is doing and demands being a part of it. After supper time, she twists up beside her closest companion and is prepared for a shower before a snooze.

They are in every case together playing, making a wide range of tricks around the house.

Whippet pursues Oreo’s paw-steps wherever they go. At four months old now, Whippet has developed significantly.

She is forever Oreo’s little shadow and never walks out on him.

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