A Wounded Kitty is Saved By a Kind Pianist Who Gave Her The Will to Walk Again

A Wounded Kitty is Saved By a Kind Pianist Who Gave Her The Will to Walk Again

Sarper Duman, a piano player and animal rescuer from Istanbul, Turkey, found a little cat hauling her legs in the city, weeping for help. “A car had hit her. Her two back legs were fractured and her front right leg was also broken,” Sarper said.

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The doctors couldn’t operate on her legs until the little cat endured the most critical stage. In spite of all that she had experienced, the kitty simply needed to be cherished. “She’s so dazzling thus loaded with life.”

They named her Piti, and she turned out to be a fighter.

Following five days of rest after the operation, the cat was sound and sufficient for a medical procedure. The veterinary group fixed her broken bones with pins.

At the point when Sarper went to visit her after the operation, she crept up to him for pets when she heard his voice.

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In spite of being informed that there was a probability that Piti probably won’t be able to walk again, Sarper was cheerful that she would make a full recovery.

He was resolved to help the kitty get back on her feet.

A couple of days after the fact, the little cat recovered some sensation in her legs however couldn’t stand up straight on her feet. They kept on treating her with exercise based therapy and loving support.

“Her feet haven’t reacted the way we were hoping them to. Both the surgeons and I believe that even if it takes a while, she will walk in the end,” Sarper wrote on Instagram.

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The following week, Sarper got the news that he had been hanging tight for – Piti just made her first strides without the help of anyone else. Exactly when they started to lose trust, the cat made a stunning rebound and shocked them with her mind boggling resolve.

“She showed great improvement. The surgeons decided it was better for her to stay in a home to move more freely instead of staying at the clinic, so we came home,” Sarper said.

“Love heals,” Sarper said

Following two months of therapy, the little cat is back on her paws and can run, hop and do anything simply like different felines.

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