A Stray Kitten Finds a Forever Home for Herself By Climbing on a Cyclist’s Shoulder

A Stray Kitten Finds a Forever Home for Herself By Climbing on a Cyclist’s Shoulder

Madison Kelly, a cyclist (@madison_m_kelly), was in South Chicago for a bicycle race four months prior when she stumbled upon a stray kitten. “She was an alone kitten. Some bike racers found her all dirty under a car and carried her around looking for someone to take her,” Madison told Feline Daily.

Madison had quite recently completed a race and was en route to her van when she saw them holding the little cat. As a cat person, who grew up with her catlike companion, Kitsy, she couldn’t resist checking out the little stray.

As they gave the little cat over to Madison, the adorable cat quickly climbed up onto her shoulder and concluded that was the spot to remain.

The kitty clung onto Madison as though to mark her as her forever human. “I didn’t win the race but won a stray kitten’s companionship,” Madison said.

After a big meal and a warm bath, Puig was clean, happy and loved.

They named her Puig. “It means podium in Latin and climbs in Catalan,” she added. “Since then, she is always wanting to be where I am and into what I’m doing,” Madison said. “Her personality is very playful and inquisitive.”

“She likes to snuggle but when she’s not snuggling, she’s causing all kinds of mischief and hilarity hunting sponges and socks and stashing them in strange places.”

“She stashed a wet kitchen sponge under the covers by my feet while I slept,” Madison said.

“My boyfriend and I typically wake up to a collection of socks laid out on the covers, gifts from Puig’s night of hunting.”

“Adopt a stray and they will love you forever,” she said

Madison went on a race back in July and returned home with a shoulder kitty – a best friend for life.


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