A Rescued Cat Gave Birth to a Litter of Adorable Kittens on Christmas Eve

A Rescued Cat Gave Birth to a Litter of Adorable Kittens on Christmas Eve

Realizing that the tabby feline would go into labor anytime soon, directly before Christmas Eve, volunteers of Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition (BBAWC) pulled her from the city cover so she and her cats could get an opportunity at a better life.

“She was excessively sweet when she arrived, and simply needed pets and cuddles,” Julia Rosenfeld of BBAWC revealed to Feline Daily.

They promptly put her in a foster home where they had arranged a pleasant and calm spot for the sweet cross-eyed tabby cat. They named her Sugarplum.

Not long after she settled in, she started giving birth. Throughout the following numerous hours, Sugarplum brought forth four lovely cats on Christmas Eve, in a sheltered and cozy environment, far from the streets and the viruses.

“She started giving birth on Sunday night and every last bit of her elves had touched base by Monday,” Julia said.

Since the minute she had her first little cat, she hasn’t walked out on them, nursing, prepping and thinking about them nonstop. “Mother Sugarplum is madly cuddly and a devoted mother.”

Volunteers made sure that the feline mother recharged herself with sustenance and water, and offered her assistance so she could take breaks between feedings.

“She keeps her infants close and they all appear to have effectively discovered favored positions in her delicate bed.”

Every one of the four little cats, Snowball, Frosty, Crumpet, and Jingle, are doing great with their adoring mom close by all day, every day. “Snowball is all dark, and the other three are tabby cats like Mother.”

Sugarplum and her infants are the fortunate ones that were rescued without a moment to spare so the little cats wouldn’t have been brought into the world outside, braving the harsh elements of the outdoors.

“The most imperative thing is to spay and fix and TNR felines before they reproduce,” Julia revealed to Fe. line Daily.

The excellent cat family is flourishing in foster care.

When the little cats are mature enough (at 14 weeks, completely inoculated and spayed/fixed), they plan to get them adopted in pairs and find Mother Sugarplum an adoring home where she can proceed with her snuggle fest and get all the affection on the planet.

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