A Litter of 8 Kittens Were Discovered by a Kind Human Who Rescued Them Immediately, Saving Them From the Frosty Cold

A Litter of 8 Kittens Were Discovered by a Kind Human Who Rescued Them Immediately, Saving Them From the Frosty Cold

A Good Samaritan heard some commotion in his garage and upon closer inspection found Eight kittens crouching in a box, attempting to remain warm. He brought them inside his home and began searching for help.

SCAT street cat rescue (in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) got an appeal about the little cats on March first and promptly offered to take them.

“The night was very cold, minus 20 Celsius (-4F) with a high windchill as a winter blizzard was blowing in. The kittens were hypothermic and lethargic and required rewarming. As it can be dangerous to feed a hypothermia kitten, they were passively warmed for several hours,” SCAT Street Cat Rescue told Feline Daily.

The older kittens were named Ingrid Bergman (medium hair dim tabby cat), Isaac Newton (dim tabby cat with white rings around his eyes), Indiana Jones (medium hair dim tabby cat), and Inigo Montoya (White and dim with white mustache).

In spite of being somewhat undernourished, the little cats were meowing and peaceful to have a comfortable bed, something to eat and somebody to cherish.

The younger four were named Ireland (dim and white tuxedo), India (high contrast with one eye), Ili (long hair dark smoke) and Isra (long hair dim).

“Little India truly prefers to run her own life, Ireland is the elder sibling and attempts to parent the others, and the two young men are fluffy little cuties who are for the most part trouble and truly appear to appreciate getting muddled,” SCAT revealed to Feline Daily.

Ingrid asking for belly rubs

“Despite their ordeal, they are all very friendly and affectionate. When they hear their foster mom, they burst out of their bed and run to greet her. They all love to climb her legs and climb into her lap for cuddles, purring all the time.”

Indiana even met a little child, and they appreciated nestling with one another.

“Ingrid loves to be picked up and cuddled. Isaac is the smallest but has the loudest purr. Inigo is the quietest and often prefers to sit in his foster mom’s lap and stare at her instead of play with his siblings,” SCAT told Feline Daily.

Inigo and his marvelous meowstache!

Every one of the little cats is flourishing in foster care and are getting stronger each day.

With assistance from the man who rescued them from the back street and the resolute endeavors from the volunteers who are thinking about them, the cats are currently blooming and as cheerful as anyone might imagine.

India brought into the world with a perpetual wink!

All of the kittens have found their loving homes!

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