A Kitten Who Couldn’t Find A Home Because Of Her Eye Found A Human Instead – He Knew She Was Perfect.

A Kitten Who Couldn’t Find A Home Because Of Her Eye Found A Human Instead – He Knew She Was Perfect.

Garrett Nabors from Raleigh, North Carolina always wanted to adopt a pet and decided to adopt a kitty. His associate, who was a foster volunteer, showed him a picture of a little cat named Poodle was in need of a forever home.

Poodle the tabby was found under a home near a building site. She was put in foster care and nourished back to wellbeing. The little one emerged with her delightful crossed eye and charming identity.

“My coworker told us she had a few cats at the time and named them all Noodle, Doodle, Poodle, and Oodle. They had all been adopted except for Poodle because people had concerns about her eye,” Garrett told us.

“We fell in love with her immediately, and we went and adopted her the very next day,” Garrett said.

The clumsy girl loves her human father and is his most devoted friend. She’s the first thing that he awakens to toward the beginning of the day, and when he gets back home from work, Poodle is by the door excitingly waiting to greet him. “When I get home from work she will not stop meowing until I pick her up and let her bite my nose and get in my face. It is pretty adorable,” Garrett said

Poodle doesn’t take no for an answer when she needs snuggles.

“She craves attention and always gets it. In case I’m staring at the TV, she will go stand directly before it until I focus on her or give her treats. ‘Treats’ is her most loved word.”

“Whenever I am getting ready for work she knows my jacket is the last thing I put on. So as soon as I leave the room, she will burrow into it,” Garrett gushed lovingly.

“I always joke that she thinks I won’t leave if she is in my jacket.”

Poodle is extremely fun loving. When she gets the zoomies she is relentless.” She is altogether grown up now and has been a cuddle bug since the very first moment. A few things always stay the same!

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