A Dedicated Feline Mom Does Not Leave Her Blind Kitten’s Side After The Catkins Are Rescued.

A Dedicated Feline Mom Does Not Leave Her Blind Kitten’s Side After The Catkins Are Rescued.

The little cats had extreme upper respiratory infections, and their eyes were going slowly losing sight. The shelter didn’t have the assets to give appropriate medical consideration, so they transferred the little family to Neonatal kitten rescue in Johnson City, Tennessee. Tragically, two of the kin didn’t make it.

“The rescue called me and asked if I would be willing to foster since I’m a pretty determined foster mama, and I agreed,” Sarah Foster told Love Meow. “When I got them, mom was just skin and bones, and the babies were severely underweight.”

The little grey cat, Lily, was only 1/3 of her normal weight. She couldn’t see through her eyes and was motionless and scarcely had any solidarity to lift her head up.

Sarah syringe-fed her nonstop and began the two little cats on anti-infection agents. “Every gram was a battle with Lily and we celebrated each time she passed another 100-gram increase,” Sarah revealed to Feline Daily.

Lily has regained some of her vision in her left eye.

Penelope was very scrawny and her fur was patchy and dry when she was rescued. “She was trying so hard to produce milk for the babies and take care of them, but being near them 24/7 in a tiny space and losing two of her babies had her melting down,” Sarah said.

“The infants would simply purr in a flash the second they got close to her,” Sarah said.
Penelope keeps them clean and showers them with affection.

The cat mom, Penelope, had stopped producing milk due to stress, and Lily couldn’t eat on her own. In spite of having no milk, the sweet mother will rests and let her cats nurture on her for solace and comfort.

“You can see an unmistakable distinction in her personality and coat since she realizes her infants have made it past the halfway point and are protected. She is glad.”

“She’s now working on teaching them how to cat – she gets in the playpen and uses the scratcher and will bat toys around and even gets in the pop-up cube with Lily.”

She’s still a lot littler than her sibling however can take him in a battle and beat him when they play. The two little cats and their feline mother are prepared for their next chapter of life – to discover an eternity adoring home they so merit.

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