A Beautiful Blind Cat Gets a Second Chance at Life By a Kind Woman When No One Else Cared

A Beautiful Blind Cat Gets a Second Chance at Life By a Kind Woman When No One Else Cared

Devin from Colorado went over a Facebook post about a little cat requiring a home. “They were searching for somebody to ‘take this blind feline,'” Devin revealed to Feline Daily.

Nobody offered to take him until Devin came around. “He resembled a little scraggly bundle of fluff, and I couldn’t leave him alone.”

When she took the cat to the vet, they found that he was brought into the world visually impaired because of congenital glaucoma. One of his eyes was in a terrible state that it ended up unsalvageable.

The right eye had to be removed to prevent infections. They named him CJ the pirate cat.

“Unfortunately, due to the fact that the people who had him before never sought any type of medical attention for him, his eye was basically exploding from the inside out due to the pressure from the glaucoma.”

“He has a very rambunctious personality and is extremely vocal. You’ll know when he’s hungry, and if you’re eating he will jump right on your lap and beg for food.”

The little kitty immediately bobbed back after the medical procedure. He felt so much better that his identity began radiating through.

They introduced him to their dog, Bullet, and the two before long turned out to be closest companions.

Regardless of being blind, he can do anything simply like different felines. He knows where things are situated in the house and can dash here and there down the stairs like a master.

“Even though he’s blind, it doesn’t affect his quality of life, and he’s basically a normal cat,” Devin told Feline Daily

CJ is a brave tiny pirate who adores experiences and will pursue his people wherever they go. He keeps on astonishing his people of what he can do. Nothing can bring down his spirit.

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