A Litter of Kittens All Born With Large Kangaroo Feet Gets Help From Kind Humans

Prior this month, PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society) took in a feline mother alongside her five polydactyl little cats all brought into the world with Radial Hypoplasia, a hereditary condition that makes their front appendages be short and contorted.

There are four young men (Roo, Skippy, Joey, and Pouch Adams), one young lady (Marilyn Mon-roo), and the mom feline is called Kanga.

Ashley Morrison, a volunteer of PAWS, was stricken with the little catlike family when she visited them at the center. The sweet feline mother strolled straight up to welcome her as though to state, they were prepared to return home with her.

Exactly when she figured she would enjoy a short break from fostering, these little folks appeared, and she just couldn’t say no.

“They all have extra toes. (So does Mom.) Some even have six toes on each back foot,” Ashley told Feline Daily. “They don’t seem to really notice. They play like other kittens.”

They immediately subsided into their foster home. Mama Kanga was extremely satisfied to be in a home situation with her little cats. She investigated around her new home her cats rushed over the room like little kangaroos.

The little cats are raucous and fun loving. They generally nestle up together in their enormous comfortable bed after play time.

“They are just like normal kittens, wanting to be crazy and run around,” Ashley told Feline Daily. “They stand up to play but wind up looking like they are in a tiny boxing match.”

They will be up for adoption at PAWS in Lynnwood, Washington when they are ready in a few weeks.

“They don’t know any other way of life and love to play like any normal kittens,” Ashley said.

“Once adopted in their forever homes, their parents can decide what they believe would be the best treatment option for each kitten, though most cats with this condition live long, happy lives without any type of surgery.”

Mom Kanga is prepared to resign from parenthood for good. She is glad to hand over the obligations to her guardians and appreciates investing more energy with her human companions.

The sweet little kangaroo kitties are flourishing in foster care. They will bounce their way into somebody’s heart very soon.