A Blind Kitten Wins The Heart Of a Kind Woman At The Shelter

Katie Buckman, a cat rescuer situated in Sanford, North Carolina, went to a nearby shelter to adopt a few cats when all of a sudden, she heard cries originating from a kennel. She followed the sound and saw a little blind kitten desperately trying to get her attention.

“This little guy was found as a stray and brought to the shelter. I had gone in for two other kittens but there was no way I could leave him there, screaming in a cage,” Katie shared with Feline Daily.

“He was tired, scared and wasn’t super responsive to anything other than food.”

Katie took him home and enveloped him with her best blanket with a warming cushion and a heartbeat toy. Her pup, Burt, came to offer some solace and stayed with the little kitty the entire time.

“The next day, he was a different boy. He started playing with some toys, licking my face… He flourished into a playful, affectionate and silly kitten,” Katie said.

“He sniffs and uses sound to navigate. He’s very brave and doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything,” Tara added.

The kitty is totally visually impaired because of microphthalmia, an inborn condition in which the eyeballs are abnormally little. Yet, nothing appears to bother him.

Realizing that the cat would require special care and attention and a home completely furnished to manage any conceivable issues that may emerge, Katie connected with the Odd Cat Sanctuary in Salem, Massachusetts to check whether they could help.

Tara Kay, the founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary, welcomed the little one into their shelter home with great affection. “We help kittens and cats with ‘challenges’ or that have been neglected.”
They named him Melvin.

“He’s the perfect little guy. He loves to eat and play, and purrs the second you hold him,” Tara told Feline Daily. “He screams for attention, but once you pick him up, he stops and purrs.”

Melvin was underweight when he was at the sanctuary. Throughout the following couple of days in their consideration, he truly rounded out and even inspired an adorable little tummy to flaunt.

Melvin is adoring his new home. He’s even chosen a couple of spots as his most loved roosting spots.

“I’m so glad I could save him and found him the best home,” Katie said. “We all do our best and every person in rescue fights the same battle. I just do what I can and hope it helps a little.”

Melvin’s little scream caught Katie’s attention and his life was forever changed.

From meandering the lanes to now sleeping in a warm and cozy home – this kitty doesn’t let anything stop him